Five Sentence Fiction :: Falling

{image source}   The darkness was like a cocoon surrounding her and ┬áthe soft glow of the candle beside her. On the bed beside her, a book lay, open, but forgotten, as she stared up at the ceiling, feeling herself being dragged down by the spiral of words running circles through her mind. She blinked, slowly, and the tear that […]

Five Sentence Fiction :: flight

{image source – used under Creative Commons license via Flickr} The boards flickered, the list of flights changing every couple of minutes, as they stood side by side and watched, waiting for the right numbers to come up. Next to each other, together, but not touching, the memories of the last three days and the ghosts of the last six […]

Five Sentence Fiction :: Home

  He pushed the door open, and dumped his keys on the hall table, his bag hitting the floor next to his feet seconds later. Leaving the lights off, Paul let the gentle glow of dusk easing through the windows guide his way to the lounge room, where he collapsed in his favourite chair, and took a moment to let […]

Five Sentence Fiction :: Sombrero

{image source, used under Creative Commons licence}   Bare to the sun, Madelyn’s shoulders felt every last drop of the heat that melted the Mexican summer air. Looking for respite, she ducked into the closest shop as the sign flicked from closed to open, the traditional siesta break over, and found herself staring at a rack of hats. Laughing, she […]