…holiday writechain…

Oh it has been ever so long since I’ve had a good run at my writing! Over the holidays, I felt like I was full of stories but also didn’t have enough time to sit and write them all out. And so I decided to resurrect my old friend, the holiday write chain. I decided instead of a set number […]

…fiction friday…

She was four, the first time she saw him. Her mother laughed when she asked who the strange man with the box on his back was, waiting at Mr Johnson’s gate. But her mother couldn’t see anyone, and you know what children are like with their imagination, the conversation with daddy had gone. There was no laughter though, the next […]

plans {fiction} {Blogtoberfest day 31}

Jo’s nervous declaration of love still echoed around the kitchen, keeping Steve rooted to the spot. He knew he needed to say something, the way she was peering at him, expectantly, then bashfully, the silence drawing out to the point of almost too long. Shit. This wasn’t part of the plan. She wasn’t supposed to love him back. He was in love […]

Horror Bites Challenge #13 {flash fiction}

A small patch of turbulence sent a shudder through the plane. Not much – any passengers awake would have barely noticed it, but it was enough to startle the sleeping passenger in 22A awake. In the disorienting moments between waking and sleeping, the turbulence was enough of a justification for a growing sense of unease, but as the moments ticked […]

Five Sentence Fiction :: Falling

{image source}   The darkness was like a cocoon surrounding her and  the soft glow of the candle beside her. On the bed beside her, a book lay, open, but forgotten, as she stared up at the ceiling, feeling herself being dragged down by the spiral of words running circles through her mind. She blinked, slowly, and the tear that […]

VisDare :: Logical

{photo source} The photo on the wall was almost taunting in it’s smug happiness. The picture perfect couple. The adorable new baby the perfect blend of both perfectly polished parents. The roundness of her face reflecting her perfect contentedness. His perfectly spiky hair as provoking as his perfect pride. Baby’s perfect round face and perfect little fuzz on top. Perfect. […]

Alone in the crowd

She sits in the corner booth, watching her friends on the dance floor, but all she can think of is the past. Sipping her drink, visions of the times they’d dance together haunt her, and the loneliness almost brings her to tears. {photo source – image used under creative commons licence}

Visual Dare 64 :: Awash

{image source} He hadn’t realised quite how long he’d been sitting there, twirling the bar mat, until a voice at his elbow pulled him from his thoughts. “You could nearly sail a boat in that.” Paul looked up, to see Rob holding two beers and nodding at the puddle that had formed on the table in front of him, condensation […]

Visual Dare 61 :: Festival

{image source} “It’s too hard. I can’t. I’m scared,” I looked at her pleadingly, desperate for her to protect me from rapidly impending adulthood. “You CAN do it. Everyone feels like this, but I know you can do this.” Her eyes twinkled as she reached into the basket slung over her arm. Something behind her fluttered, but my attention was […]

visual dare 54 :: covert

{photo source} The swirling snow guaranteed only most foolhardy and desperate would venture forth today. I would be safe, I reassured myself as I carefully made my way to the waiting carriage. There was no risk of seeing her, giving me more time to process the events of the previous evening’s ball. The way her eyes flashed as she spoke, […]