Bells in the Rain :: Visual Dare #16

Two weeks since he’d last called. She jumped every time her phone rang, or beeped. The butterflies in her tummy grew stronger with each Facebook notification. But it was never him. Surely the end couldn’t be that undramatic? No big fight, no harsh words, just drifting. Days that go by, and it becomes harder to call than to just leave […]

above :: visual dare #15

Lauren felt her spirits lift as she looked around the bustling promenade. After wandering the globe and hopping country to country, she’d arrived here, and the promenade lined with cafes and boutiques, looking out over the bay was full of activity and happy people, felt welcoming, and so she rented a small flat, not overlooking the water, but within walking […]

menage monday

I missed this last weeks deadline for Ménage Monday, but there is always next week for a chance to join in again. I had a play around anyway : Slowly, my eyes flicker open, then slam shut to stop the pain. I groan, trying to make sense of where I am. The smell is strange, sterile, antiseptic. A hospital? But […]


She walked along the empty beach dragging her toes in the wet sand, every step leaving a trail that weaved along behind her. The dull grey of the clouds reflected her lethargy, the whole world seemingly drained of colour, happiness but a fleeting memory. Feeling watchful eyes on her, Katharina glanced over her shoulder, but she was alone. Of course […]