spring dolls quilt

Oh man I am ever so late in blogging this! The lovely AJ organised a dolls quilt swap last year, with a random draw recipient after all quilts were received and and open theme of “spring” I pulled my inspiration from Pinterest, and using this pattern¬†(pinned here)¬†that I purchased as a starting point, I extended the outside and added in […]

a rush of a quilt

I must admit, I’m not stranger to flashes of inspiration followed by bursts of insane productivity resulting in a final outcome within a short space of time from the initial idea. One such flash hit me in January, when I decided one Sunday night that I would make a quilt for our neighbour who was due to move away. On […]

teacher mug rugs

One each for the two main teachers Bear had last year, one each for the two release teachers, and one for the teachers aide. Five gifts to make. Not too onerous, you wouldn’t think. Except end of year hit me hard, and I found myself cutting it fine. How fine? See that ridiculously dodgy phone pic at the bottom, with […]

EQDQS2012 :: the reveal.

I have to say, this time, I’ve been quite impressed by Australia Post. I’ve been burnt BADLY by them in the past, but on Friday, I popped into my local, rural Northern NSW post office to entrust our national carrier of hard copy information with a little quilt that I’d been working on, and despite being told that even with […]

tick tock

That is the sound of the clock ticking the moments away, as the dolls quilt swap deadline nears. I’m close, so very close, but at he same time, I’m thinking it will be a tight finish. But it’s worth it, and I am really chuffed with how it’s turning out, so I hope my swap partner likes it. In other […]

a quilt for my girl.

I had some fat quarters sitting in my stash, that a certain small girl adores. “Pway FAH-grip, mama?” she’d plead, and start pulling them off the shelf. Which was all well and good, kept her entertained, gave me a chance to do some sewing while she spread them out and wrapped her dollies in them. So over the long weekend […]

in love.

Oh my gee willikers. I seriously do not know how I struggled through without a darning foot until now. I have falling in love with quilting all over again, especially FMQ. I am working on a mug rug at the minute for a special someone, and am having so much fun playing with the various patterns. A little sneak peek […]

The Island of Sodor :: the quilty version

There’s a very special little boy a few hours north of here, that holds a very special place in my heart. A sweet, chubby cheeked little boy, who, just like my boys, loves to play trains. It was his birthday recently. Ok. It was his 1st birthday at the beginning of the year. You may remember my laments about FMQing […]

so this sucks.

Right now, there are two things that suck. The first is my FMQ ability, or lack there of. The second is unpicking said FMQ. I have 24 hours before this quilt needs to be done. Yikes. I should probably be unpicking rather than posting about how sucky the unpicking is, shouldn’t I? Ok. Deep Breath. Let’s do this.