…quilt camp 2019 – the joy of giving…

Some years, I find it really quite easy to decide what I am making everyone for our now-traditional quilt camp gifts. Often one of us will be down a particular crafty rabbit hole, or will have made a comment that sticks into camp folklore and is full of inspiration. Other times, like this year, we are all floating along, with […]

Secret Santa :: what I sent

There is a little group of lovelies that I spend the best part of my year chatting to, crafting with and laughing at with. Each year we do a Secret Santa swap, and this year, I was playing Santa for Alley. This lovely miss is one of my quilt camp crazies friends, so I had a fair idea almost straight […]

Cushions for Christmas {blog hop}

IT’S DECEMBER! The silly season is upon us (and really, how did that happen?). I’m not a Super Dooper Christmas Nutter (TM) like Skip and Car, but hit December and I’m keen as mustard. I do love me some Christmas spirit. Something fun I’m doing this year is joining in as stop number five on Ms Midge’s Cushions For Christmas […]

Christmas Prep starts with crafting

With just over a month to go, it’s time to admit Christmas is indeed coming, and pull my finger out and get organised. First on my list is an advent calendar. I’m playing with a few options, but I think all options will incorporate in some way, these cute bottle cap ornaments from this tutorial, that I started all the […]

i spy, with my little eye…

…a special gift for a special boy. Sometimes, things happen that knock you sideways, and leave you breathless. A week before Christmas, I received such a message. I had to read it twice, and still, I struggled to make sense of a seemingly well little boy, one my children had played with not a week earlier, suddenly whisked away and […]

teacher gifts and bargain shopping

I’ve been eyeing them off on various blogs and Pinterest for a while now. So Tuesday afternoon, with two grumpy small children, I popped on Playschool for the grumps, and Bear and I raided the tip affectionately known as my studio. With the various bits and pieces in hand, we set ourselves up on the craft table. Bear picked the […]

not your average quilt block…

This quilt camp gifty was one of my hardest ones to decide on. Having been to Kayscha’s place back in August for the brilliant weekend that was Camp Kayscha, you would think that would make it easier, when in fact, I found it made it harder! Miss Kayscha has a very clear vision and sense of style, and knowing how […]

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

And shake your butt, na na na na… C’mon, don’t tell me you weren’t doing a chair boogie just then. So, moving on in the Quilt Camp gifty parade, this gifty belongs to the delightful Miss Carrose. You may recall in my previous stamp carving post, I referred to a completed stamp? Well, it was the chicken you see below, […]

I can sing a rainbow.

Remember a little sneak peek last week? Well, that little peeky belonged to this little birds nest necklace: A rainbow for the colourful Miss Bacoon. One of my quilt camp gifties, I was reluctant to reveal too much, especially the colour, as she is a rainbow girl. The quilts she creates using the whole spectrum of colour are stunning. I […]

mothers day 2012

I slowly peeled one eye open as a little hand tapped on my arm. “mummy!” came the stage whisper, “are you AWAKE yet?”. I think I must have been conscious enough to nod, because two little pairs of feet were flying up the hallway, and I could hear chairs being dragged, plates rattled and glasses pulled from drawers. Husband rolled […]