…finally finished…

Making, it seems, begets making. Once I’m on a roll with a project, I like to get stuck in and keep it rolling…until I hit a road block and put it away for a year. But once I get the creative mojo flowing, I can generally make good progress. After getting home from quilt camp, where I had been very […]

EQDQS2012 :: the reveal.

I have to say, this time, I’ve been quite impressed by Australia Post. I’ve been burnt BADLY by them in the past, but on Friday, I popped into my local, rural Northern NSW post office to entrust our national carrier of hard copy information with a little quilt that I’d been working on, and despite being told that even with […]

tick tock

That is the sound of the clock ticking the moments away, as the dolls quilt swap deadline nears. I’m close, so very close, but at he same time, I’m thinking it will be a tight finish. But it’s worth it, and I am really chuffed with how it’s turning out, so I hope my swap partner likes it. In other […]