Sew Your Stash Thin 2013 {wrap up}

1. EyeSpy quilt  2. Camping Shower Bags  3. Overnight Bag  4. Diary Cover  5. Dolls Quilt & Matching Pillow 6. Spring Dolls Quilt Swap (to be blogged)  7. Secret Santa Crochet hook roll  8. Drama Mug Rug 9. 5 Teacher Mug Rugs (to be blogged)  10. Loyalty Card Holders 11. Preschool Dolls Quilt (to be blogged) 12. Camping clothes rolls […]


Three weeks. It sounds like a lot, at the start. But then we blink, or we turn around, or we something, and it’s over. Between the Christmas Eve stuff and the Christmas Day stuff and the camping in the mountains and the New Year stuff where we went to bed well before midnight because that’s what happens when you have […]