I pull the doors apart, and step out on the deck, taking the view of the valley. I lean over the side, and as I stare at the slope below, I can almost hear the laughter. In my mind, I can see my husband at the bottom, grinning and calling to a not-quite-two-year-old Bear, as Bear launches himself and runs […]

what craft ban?

The hot blustery wind didn’t reach down into the protected valley as we wandered through the markets, though the heat found it’s way in. It seemed strange to be able to dawdle and browse, let the buzz of the markets be the soundtrack of our morning, not “canIcanIcanI?”, small hands tugging us in a multitude of directions. Just the two […]


Hello, I’m LittleWhiteDove, and I’m a photo-a-holic. I own two digital SLR cameras, a film SLR, two digital compact cameras, a polaroid camera and a Holga. And don’t get me started on my lens collection. So when we were in Europe, needless to say I took stacks of photos. 1740, to be exact. And that’s deleting the dodgy ones as […]

Holiday mini scrapbook

Yep, I’m slack. But I have been working like crazy, and unfortunately, with the amount of work I’ve had, something had to give. And despite wishing the housework would disappear, it didn’t. Leaving my creating and blogging being the only area I could really afford to cut back on.   But, before the proverbial hit the fan, we went on […]