Oh my darling

I saw it once, on Facebook at first, I think, and I loved it. As a mama of four small people, it seemed a mantra to live by, to lift them up and send them skyward when they are crippled by self doubt. Then it came up again and again, on Pinterest, and Facebook again. It continued to resonate. I […]

taking command

I think most families with children at school know what it’s like to drown in paperwork. Newsletters, permission notes, information notes, book club. We seemed to accumulate the stuff at the rate of knots, and most often, it ended up being stuck on top of the growing pile of similar papers on the microwave inside out walk-in pantry. Why there? […]

the paleontologist turns five

The birthday train rolls on! This past weekend, it was Boy2’s turn, and somehow, I made the mistake of blinking, and he is five. FIVE. The age of saying goodbye to our favourite weekly activities and hello to big school. Goodbye to lazy days at home and hello to the morning school rush. Goodbye to paint stained hand me downs […]

wordless wednesday

  It’s raining. Butterfly is unwell. We are snuggling under blankies and watching movies in pillow piles. We’ve baked a cake. The smell of dinner in the slow cooker wafts out from the kitchen. A spot of work to finalise and then some secret squirrel crafting. No point fighting the winter, instead we’ll hunker down and make the most of […]

dig dig dig

Boy2 is dinosaur mad. He also loves diggers, and craft. So when “Can we do craft?” was answered with “sure, what should we make?”, he declared that “baby ‘wos-ah-wapter” (velociraptor) wanted a digger. Quite possibly, baby wos-ah-waptor is a wee big small to dig on his own, and with a long box that I’d had a backdrop delivered in, drooping […]

let’s go for a walk.

Since he was tiny, Bear’s constant companion has been his Pooh Bear. Sadly, Pooh Bear mk I disappeared, but Pooh Bear mk II is just as dearly loved. Throughout the last few years, many of our craft projects have revolved around making things for Pooh Bear. The one thing we haven’t yet mastered, is a pram for Pooh Bear. Last […]

slice of nice.

Firstly, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who left me such positive feedback on the fabric, both here and on Facebook. I was so unbelievably nervous launching it, that it was wonderful to have such a warm reception, even if it is simply my friends being nice!     The best part about having visitors, […]


Every afternoon, the routine is the same. Walk in the door, wrangle with baby on hip as I try to make afternoon without her grabbing the food and/or knife, while chatting to the boys, and cajoling them into getting their chores done. Have you put your shoes away. Have you unpacked your lunch box. Is it in the drawer? Come […]