…life in lockdown, documented…

I’ve always loved mini books. Even in my project life days, I still loved to pull out an event or a theme, and create a mini book about just that one topic. Holidays and challenges were especially good for the mini book treatment. It’s been a while since I’ve made one, and like any habit that falls away, I forgot […]


Hello, I’m LittleWhiteDove, and I’m a photo-a-holic. I own two digital SLR cameras, a film SLR, two digital compact cameras, a polaroid camera and a Holga. And don’t get me started on my lens collection. So when we were in Europe, needless to say I took stacks of photos. 1740, to be exact. And that’s deleting the dodgy ones as […]

Holiday mini scrapbook

Yep, I’m slack. But I have been working like crazy, and unfortunately, with the amount of work I’ve had, something had to give. And despite wishing the housework would disappear, it didn’t. Leaving my creating and blogging being the only area I could really afford to cut back on.   But, before the proverbial hit the fan, we went on […]