…growing my journal skills…

Kid free time is a bit of a rarity around here. Kid free days with the mister are even rarer. While we are lucky to have my folks in town, and the children have regular sleepovers, they don’t happen much on weekends. Between their work and my husbands, weekday sleepovers tend to work out better, so over the years that’s […]

…365, or part there of…

Sometimes, ideas come along so totally genius, that they go from an offhand comment on a Friday night, to a fully fledged plan by Saturday lunch time. This particular idea was so very genius that even the husbands involved were on board. By on board, of course, I mean they didn’t say a flat out no when the idea was […]

…load me up buttercup…

Every few days, I need to just shut off from the world, and my preferred scrolling option is the instagram explore page. One such scroll lead to me to discover the concept of a “loaded tag”, and I was instantly hooked on the idea. I watched the IGTV video all the way to end – something I don’t normally do […]

…barefoot card of the week project…

Now my craft room is clean, and I found my mojo in the process, I’m uncovering lots of half completed and semi-forgotten projects, and starting to get moving on them again. One project that falls into this category started life, surprising exactly no-one, as a challenge. The idea was that a few of us would play along, and create a […]

project life 2014 :: an update

I’ve changed up a bit how I do Project Life this year. Last year I would often find myself struggling to cut down the number of photos from a week enough to fit one spread, or alternately (and much more rarely!) trying to find enough to fill a spread. While my weekly method was good at keeping me up to […]

my first mixed media class

Following on from a one-on-one mixed media lesson I did a while back, a couple of weeks back, I taught my very first mixed media class. Leading up to it, I was a mess of nerves and excitement, and now it’s done, it was so much fun, and I can’t wait for the next one in November!   Normally I […]

Oh my darling

I saw it once, on Facebook at first, I think, and I loved it. As a mama of four small people, it seemed a mantra to live by, to lift them up and send them skyward when they are crippled by self doubt. Then it came up again and again, on Pinterest, and Facebook again. It continued to resonate. I […]

this week

It’s been a week of revolving projects across the table. My mum very kindly took the children for me on Friday for the express purpose of sewing some clothes for them, so I made a good start on a dress for Butterfly. This week I’m also over at And Sew We Craft again, this time sharing a step-by-step for how […]

getting scheduled.

The soccer games played and watched, the line up from the carpark to the gate navigated successfully, we arrive home with three energetic small people and a grumpy tired baby. Lunch for them, bed for the other, and the afternoon opened up before me, and the studio beckoned. I spent a delightful hour painting and layering and painting and stamping […]