teacher mug rugs

One each for the two main teachers Bear had last year, one each for the two release teachers, and one for the teachers aide. Five gifts to make. Not too onerous, you wouldn’t think. Except end of year hit me hard, and I found myself cutting it fine. How fine? See that ridiculously dodgy phone pic at the bottom, with […]

Sew Your Stash Thin 2013 {wrap up}

1. EyeSpy quilt  2. Camping Shower Bags  3. Overnight Bag  4. Diary Cover  5. Dolls Quilt & Matching Pillow 6. Spring Dolls Quilt Swap (to be blogged)  7. Secret Santa Crochet hook roll  8. Drama Mug Rug 9. 5 Teacher Mug Rugs (to be blogged)  10. Loyalty Card Holders 11. Preschool Dolls Quilt (to be blogged) 12. Camping clothes rolls […]

lights, camera, action

As everything starts winding up for the year, I love looking back over the past 12 months and seeing the shifts in our family. One big shift this year has been watching the boys blossom in their confidence. Partly to do with Bear being at school, and Boy2 finding his feet in a world not dominated by his big brother, […]

DreamCake mug rug {tutorial}

After I posted the mug rug I made for my sister, I had a few people saying they’d never heard of a mug rug, and did I have a tutorial? With the recent arrival of my new DreamCake fabric, I thought it the perfect excuse to make something! This tutorial assumes a level of sewing knowledge, but should hopefully work […]

in love.

Oh my gee willikers. I seriously do not know how I struggled through without a darning foot until now. I have falling in love with quilting all over again, especially FMQ. I am working on a mug rug at the minute for a special someone, and am having so much fun playing with the various patterns. A little sneak peek […]