…a friday finish…

You would think, if ever there was a year to let a weekly-release craft along project slide, it would be 2020. Who has the headspace to keep up with stuff with *waves hand* all that going on? And yet…2020 is the first year that I have actually managed to keep up, and finish, a stitchalong. When I started the Peppermint […]

…tell me a story…

Monthly projects are not exactly my forte. Or more precisely, keeping up to date with monthly projects is not exactly my forte. Back in 2015, I allowed myself to be talked into joining the monthly Story Time Sampler project. With famous last words, I thought it would be easier to keep up to date on, “with smaller blocks” than the […]

…christmas stitchalong…

With only three weeks until Christmas, there’s plenty of time to start a new project, isn’t there? A detail-heavy, heavy hand work project seems like a grand idea, doesn’t it? And the fact it is a Christmas theme, and thus rather time sensitive wouldn’t be a problem, would it? Obviously, the answer to all three question is yes, there is, […]

…mini Monday organisation spree…

Over the weekend, I managed to catch up on my morning stitches project. It has been a bit of a muddle around here the last couple of weeks and I’d gotten behind, so most of last week was spent playing catch up rather than doing the actual stitches that were allocated to that day. Saturday night saw three full days […]

…morning stitches…

Sometimes, I look at my blog list in Feedly, or my instagram feed, and have no recollection of how I first found someone. Especially these days when my Feedly is so empty, I wonder how I ever came across someone in the first place, especially my old-school favourites. As much as I love Pinterest (and sometimes dislike it immensely, because […]

…Story Time Sampler – Lady Shallot…

Between homeschooling, and spending our weekends at the farm, I’ve found a lot of my time is spent doing portable handcrafts that I can sneak in in the five minutes the kids are all working on their lessons, or for half an hour sitting in the sun as the kids help daddy in the garden. Over winter, my rainbow wave […]

custom thread minders {commission}

“Hey Rachy”, the message started. When it comes to messages from Car, such an opening is either an idea that will lead me into shenanigans, or into a new craft that will cost me a lot of money. Often, it’s both. A bad influence, that girl is. On this occassion, however, it was a new project – would I be […]

WIP Wednesday :: OUAT Sampler update

It became a familiar pattern, while we were away. I’d rock Beetle to sleep, tuck him up in his portacot, and then I’d settle myself down for some stitching as the big children and daddy wandered off in search of adventure. I had packed my ripple as well, but on the first night, discovered an error that meant I had […]

needlework essentials :: the wrap-up

  Wow – part FIVE of this series, marking a whole month of needlework posts! As you can probably tell, I am just having a wee bit of fun getting addicted to needlework again. It is just the right kind of project for the season my life is in at the minute, where crafting needs to take a backseat to […]

needlework essentials :: travel pouch

{part four of five. See part one here,┬ápart two here, and part three here} One of my favourite things about handwork, is it’s portability. I am often asked how I manage to juggle my creative outlets with the various demands on my time that come with being a stay at home mum to four children aged seven and under. My […]