needlework essentials :: thread minder

{part three of five. See part one hereĀ and part two here} My mum was a bit of a cross-stitcher, back in the day. I’d watch, fascinated, as she’d open the kit, lay out the cloth and then the threads, before looping them through the piece of card that came in the kit, holes pre-punched and pre-labelled. Even then, it seemed […]

needlework essentials :: thread catcher

{part two of five. See part one here} My favourite place to stitch is curled up on the lounge. Hoop in hand, pattern to one side, threads to another. Generally the tv is on, though I’m only watching with half an ear, enough to chat to Mr Dove. But my main entertainment is watching the needle move in and out […]

needlework essentials :: needle minder

As part of Esther’s grand campaign to convince us to join her in the OUAT Sampler, she added us to the official Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery group on Facebook. Aside from all the pretty stitching, there was lots of other inspiration, in the form of cute little needle minders that kept popping up. Seriously, how did I not know about these […]