…DIVE into October…

It’s October! The most ambitious month on the blogging calendar…yep, it’s BLOGTOBER TIME! That was the easy one to add to this month’s three focus areas. To be honest, all that real life in September means I’m still working on two of those three items as well, but I wanted to include some new items. I also have a couple […]


This year is going to be a big one for our family. There are a lot of changes coming – this is the year we will sell our house, that has been our home since we married 14 years ago. This is the year we will (hopefully) have a beautiful new farm house to move into. For the first time […]

embrace {one little word 2015}

this year, I struggled to find a word that would encompass everything I wanted this year to be. It wasn’t until around the 6th that I actually decided on it. Mt word for 2015? EMBRACE. I want to embrace new ideas and new directions. I want to embrace opportunities & take chances that might scare me. I want to embrace […]

one little page

I’ve blogged before about my One Little Word for 2014 – “make”. So far this year, I’ve found it to be a good fit for me. Something I’ve been wanting to do more of this year, is art journalling, but in between soaking up time with my little people over the holidays, and the rush of back to school, my […]