Sew Your Stash Thin 2013 {wrap up}

1. EyeSpy quilt  2. Camping Shower Bags  3. Overnight Bag  4. Diary Cover  5. Dolls Quilt & Matching Pillow 6. Spring Dolls Quilt Swap (to be blogged)  7. Secret Santa Crochet hook roll  8. Drama Mug Rug 9. 5 Teacher Mug Rugs (to be blogged)  10. Loyalty Card Holders 11. Preschool Dolls Quilt (to be blogged) 12. Camping clothes rolls […]

the dragonfly

I posted a little while ago about a custom Butterfly Overnighter, ordered by a friend after seeing the one I designed and made for my Butterfly. That one was as a gift, to be used as a mummy/nappy bag, and that same friend also ordered an overnighter for her two little boys. I didn’t want to go all ruffly like […]


  It’s almost a weekly occurance. The suitcases will pile by the door. The small people hop from one foot to the other, rushing between playing and the front door to sneak a peek. And then they hear the crunching of gravel under tyres. The creak of the front door. Then a stampede, generally led by a tiny girl, squealing […]