A Year of Snail Mail :: a Barefoot Challenge

A while back, I came across a fabulous BuzzFeed list of “17 DIYs that will inspire you to send more letters” on Pinterest that I thought sounded like a bundle of fun. I had a few people agree with me on Twitter, and so I thought it might be fun to make a challenge out of it – which hopefully might also […]

hip hip happy birthday

Along with a houseful of birthdays, there seems to be an abundance of birthday celebrations in September in my circle of friends as well. Two such birthdays fell within a week or so, at the beginning of the month (well, one was the end of August, but I was already gearing up for The Month of Birthdays, so mentally it’s […]

getting in early.

I first looked into Project Life a few years back, liking the idea of the little cards, and thinking it might be a good alternative to scrapbooking (which I was – and still am – disastrously behind on!), but in the end decided against it. As cute and easy as it looked, the pocket pages were just too far from […]

Yes, sir, I do have a note from my mother…

Well, not really, but, dearest blog, will you forgive me for being absent for far too long? Creatively, life has been pretty flat lately, not from lack of project, nor of mojo,  but with various goings-on conspiring to keep me out of my disgustingly-untidy studio. However, on Saturday, with the realisation that the next day was mothers day, and that my […]