Birthday season :: part two

oh boy, what a week it has been! This is by far the biggest week of our year, the 7 days between Bear’s birthday and Boy2’s, which also generally falls in the last week or two of term, and the craziness that that brings. On top of the 30 cupcakes I made for him to take to school, I also […]

gluten free, guerrilla style

  To make life easier for a dear friend who is gluten-intolerant, we declared our end-of-year party for Bible Study to be completely gluten free. Surely it couldn’t be that hard, thought I. Of course, my first stop was Pinterest, where I filled my baking board with a heap of yummy looking GF recipes. This one in particular caught my […]

birthday season

Tomorrow, I lay my home and sanity at the mercy of 30 small children. All my creating has been party based. Like a painting for pin-the-wing-on-the-aeroplane. And my children know how much I love to create, and thought I needed a chance to play fondant scuplting again. Thanks for that Butterfly. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a cake […]