Another challenge!

To be honest, I’m not sure who to blame for this one. I think it was Bec, in conjunction with Car (c’mon, like THAT surprises anyone). Apparently a few of us thought we wanted a new bag, and so the EQ Bag Challenge/Sewalong was born. No deadlines or rules – just make a bag and encourage each other along. And […]


  It’s almost a weekly occurance. The suitcases will pile by the door. The small people hop from one foot to the other, rushing between playing and the front door to sneak a peek. And then they hear the crunching of gravel under tyres. The creak of the front door. Then a stampede, generally led by a tiny girl, squealing […]

Party time!

  After two boys, the whole “pink” thing has gone from “odd” to “overwhelming”. There is pink everywhere. I can do a whole load of washing, just of pink things. So, being the sewing type, how could I resist the chance to finally sew something pink and ruffly? A hot pink party dress, the polar opposite of wide-legged denim shorts. […]

he wears short shorts…

I have long had a goal to make some shorts for my little boy. From scratch. Including the pattern. With each passing season, my disillusionment with mass-produced children’s clothes has been growing. Buttons that fall off after two wears. Zips not zipping easily. General don’t-really-care-ness. And we’re not talking cheap stuff from kmart either. Coming home from Europe, I felt […]

A productive weekend

I had a good run on the weekend as part of my “don’t think, just do” campaign, and managed to knock over a couple of projects I’d been planning for ages.   First was an art smock for Bear. I scored a metre of rubber backed Pooh Bear curtain fabric on clearance, so I drafted up a pattern, and here’s […]

Aprons, knitting and Mother In Laws

I am a bit behind in blogging, as we went to visit my mother in law over the weekend. I finished the apron as DH packed the car, so the photo is a bit dodgy:   I was reasonably happy with how it turned out. It was my first go at making my own pattern, and there are a few […]