I know nothing about how this fabric got in my suitcase, I swear. I promised I would never ever ever break a craft ban. Nope, not me. Ok, so maybe I know a little bit about it. But in my defense, it’s for a dolls quilt swap, and I get a FREE QUILT out of it. So really it’s […]


With my little helpers tagging along, I managed to swing by the fabric store this morning, and chose a couple of fabrics for a little project I have in mind. These gorgeous fabrics are destined for a couple of little “just because” gifts for my mum & sister. Both appeal to me in different ways. The bright blues & cheery […]

Not again…

The toddler is snotty. Again. He’s feeling a bit better today, and just when I thought baby might be safe this time, he’s woken up all clogged up this morning too. Sigh. Even when sick, Bear is quite an active little bloke, so in an effort to get him to lay quietly & try to recuperate (and not aggravate his […]