this week

It’s been a week of revolving projects across the table. My mum very kindly took the children for me on Friday for the express purpose of sewing some clothes for them, so I made a good start on a dress for Butterfly. This week I’m also over at And Sew We Craft again, this time sharing a step-by-step for how […]

waste not, want not.

; We do a fair bit of baking around here, so I tend to buy our flour in 12.5kg bags direct from a somewhat-local organic flourmill. Except this bag, I wasn’t quite as regimented at getting the leftover from the paper sack into the sealed plastic container as I normally would be. Of course, this meant prepping the pizza bases […]

A public service announcement…

If you are making playdough with your toddler, and he starts listing out the ingredients needed as you leave the room to change the baby’s nappy, and then there is a long silence, be afriad, be very afraid.   A certain toddler, who shall remain nameles *cough*Bear*cough* got all excited at the idea of sticky, gooey, tactile playdough. “Bwoo, please […]