…birthday bag…

There’s nothing I love more than some good secret squirrel shenanigans. Back in The Before, when I first floated the idea of a pouch swap, a certain someone said she would love to be involved but couldn’t manage it with work and family commitments. This certain someone also had a birthday in the last couple of weeks. And if there’s […]

…rainbow clutch…

There’s a certain form of conversation that one has with one’s creative enablers, that balances on a knife edge. It could fall either way, but chances are something (or, knowing me, someONE), is likely to get cut… Now that we are out of the baby & toddler stage, I no longer need to cart a heap of stuff with us […]

needlework essentials :: travel pouch

{part four of five. See part one here,┬ápart two here, and part three here} One of my favourite things about handwork, is it’s portability. I am often asked how I manage to juggle my creative outlets with the various demands on my time that come with being a stay at home mum to four children aged seven and under. My […]

{back to school} headphone case

Sometimes, the back-to-school list is easy. Pop by the office shop, grab some whiteboard markers and gluesticks, throw an extra box of tissues in the groceries, and an old shirt for painting. Done deal. This year though, came an addition. Headphones. Bear is moving up through the grades (don’t remind me. Didn’t he only start kindergarten yesterday?), and with it […]