The motivation behind my #quiltinaday wasn’t to challenge myself. It had a purpose. Someone close to me was off to hospital for some pretty massive, life-changing type surgery. With two little boys to care for, and the operation happening 5 hours away, it wasn’t all that practical, or possible, for me to be there. So I wanted a special gift, […]

#quiltinaday challenge

My #quiltinaday needed a matching cushion. With Bear safely accounted for at preschool, Chubba Bubba and I laid seige to the fabric shop. The pink. Found. The teal. Found. The cream. Bugger. Sold out. I love my fabric shop, but one thing that can be a pain, is once they’ve sold out of a bolt of fabric, that’s it. They […]


I’m always quite envious of those annoying productive types who seem to punch out a king-sized foundation peiced quilt, then FMQ’d in various colours & layers of complicated designs, and get it all done in the blink of a toddlers nap time.  Plus blog it. With mulitple perfectly staged photos. You know who you are. But yesterday, I made a […]