{take flight} Dear Jane

{take flight} is a short series over the next week or two based around the brilliant amount of crafting I got done on our roadtrip. Dear Jane, It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But then, that’s not surprising, I guess. One of the best parts of deciding to handstitch your quilt is the portability factor. A small box and I’m […]

Block of the Month. In theory.

It seemed like a good idea. Every month I’d get a pretty packet, and make up a block. How hard could it be to do one block in a month? Yeah, famous last words. I now have 8 pretty packets sitting in my BOM drawer. At least, four of them, I have opened. When I first signed up for the […]


So I started the quilt-in-a-day challenge. And given the various demands on my time, I got a fair way in. But then, the quilt sat, and sat and sat. And finally over the weekend, I got the binding attached to not only that mugrug I’ve been blathering on about for weeks, but also the star quilt. Perfect timing now the […]

lay wif me, pwease.

Hi. My name is Little White Dove, and I am a quilt addict. Well, more correctly, a blanket addict. As nice and snuggly as doonas are, I just can’t feel warm without the weight of four or five blankets. Growing up, we always had a couple of wool blankets, and a quilt made by my mum, so maybe that is […]

a piece of cake…

Layer Cake that is! I had big plans for today. The children were angels all morning. The house was clean. The fabric came out, and I started sorting. And pinning. And as the children slept, I started to sew, only the thunk of my needle hitting fabric disturbing the silence. And then life happened. Technology happened. Five hundred spanners in […]

Houston, we have a quilt!

  Well, not a quilt, but it’s getting there! I’ve got almost all the fabric for Baby Bear’s cot quilt cut (I need to go buy some more of the red, fingers crossed my LQS has some left!). If it looks familiar, that’s because it’s the same fabric as Bear’s Jacobs Ladder quilt. I’m hoping to swing a bit of […]

Here we go again…

Morning, Monday (and no, it’s not good. My day started when the time had a 5 in front of it. Not. Happy. Jan.)   Ugh, what a weekend. Sick boys and rain. Not a good combination. The smallest one now has a bunged-up nose, which means he’s not feeding properly, which means I was up 17,000 times last night. Ugh. […]