The Aussie WIP Wednesday

With five hours in the car ahead of me (as well as five hours home), I foresaw some quality ripple time in my future. I bundled it up, with the next two colours I needed (like, there’s no point getting too excited, it is, after all, five hours in the car with four children and a husband that appreciates being […]

It appears I made up a crochet stitch.

Sitting around at Camp Kayscha, we were all merrily rippling away when I noticed something. Mine had not only the ripple design across the blanket, but it also has a wave from front to back. Everyone else’s lay beautifully flat. Mine was textured. You can see Car’s finished blanket here – look how lovely and flat it is. In comparison, […]

WIP Wednesday {+linky}

When we came home from camp, Kylie issued a challenge – to work on our camp projects for 15 minutes a day. That fifteen minutes has seen my ripple blanket grow slowly, and as I sat down to do some more yesterday with the children while they were unwell, I came to the very exciting realisation, that I’m at the […]

Camp Coochie :: the wrap-up

Last week, I spoke a bit about going away with some of my crafty friends. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’d know the excitement level was high. And by high, I mean stratospheric. Two whole days with nothing to do but hang out with my girls and make pretty things. So I was almost jumping out of […]

Ripple :: tips and tricks

It’s amazing what difference making a decision can make to project. After languishing, neglected, in the yarn basket, my ripple blanket is making some rapid progress – 2.5 rows in a day, which isn’t bad for a blanket 280 stitches across! That grey really wasn’t sitting right with me, and I truly do feel happier with the blue – talking […]

Shades of Grey.

As I sit on the lounge of an evening, I pull the slowly forming blanket from the basket, and settle into the now-familiar rhythm. Treble, treble, treble, treble. Two together, and again, and treble once more. Slowly the rows build upon each other, and another band of color joins the rest. Aqua, red, pink, white, green. I started grey a […]