…load me up buttercup…

Every few days, I need to just shut off from the world, and my preferred scrolling option is the instagram explore page. One such scroll lead to me to discover the concept of a “loaded tag”, and I was instantly hooked on the idea. I watched the IGTV video all the way to end – something I don’t normally do […]

send more snail mail :: December project

Back in April – three whole months ago, I started writing a post for the snail mail challenge. I wondered out loud what on earth happened to the last few months? In between school holidays and Butterfly starting school, and my mother-in-law coming to stay for three weeks, and Mr Barefoot travelling a whole lot, my crafty and bloggy mojo […]

A Year of Snail Mail :: a Barefoot Challenge

A while back, I came across a¬†fabulous BuzzFeed list of “17 DIYs that will inspire you to send more letters” on Pinterest¬†that I thought sounded like a bundle of fun. I had a few people agree with me on Twitter, and so I thought it might be fun to make a challenge out of it – which hopefully might also […]

you’ve got owl.

The warmth of the afternoon sun begged for an outside activity. Boy2 begged for craft. Three pieces of paper, four bottles of paint, three sets of fingers. Happiness. Watching contentedly, I pulled out my Copics and a couple of small notecards I’d stamped up this afternoon, and got doodling. I especially love the first one. It was lots of fun […]