a new friend.

Part of my “catching up with real life” plan now I’m feeling well, includes tackling the Room of Doom. AKA, my studio. It’s in a baaaad way. I’m currently half way through clearing off the space formerly known as my desk, and have even managed to liberate my sewing machine. In amongst the piles of, uh, creatively stored craft supplies, […]

organisation central

The hours I spend sitting and feeding my tiny 11-day-old daughter are some of the most special. With two small boys playing at my feet, or bringing stories to read, or happily playing in the toy room, the hours pass in a haze of bonding and adoration. Who cuddles Butterfly next. Who picks the story. What game to play. The […]

digger tutorial.

A little boy once had an obsession with diggers. His mummy, an obsession with creating. One met the other, and the digger softie was born! After a couple of requests, I have typed up a basic outline of how I went from vague idea to finished softie. The pattern and process is all my own design, please do not reproduce […]

dig-GAH, dig-GAH, brrrmmmm

The heater clicks softly, as the timer advances. The small body in the bed stirs, wakes. He sits up, and a little arm stretches out, his hand grasping towards the floor. “dig-gah, dig-gah” he whinges, until the plastic digger finds it’s way into his hands. He clutches it tight, and with a little wiggle and grunt, he settles back to […]