…the sound of breaking up…

There comes a time in every relationship, where the decision needs to be made. Can you continue on with things the way they stand, or is it time to think about breaking up? I think I’ve reached this point. It’s time to reconsider how attached I am to my stamp sets. Should I keep them together, or should I start […]

…easy polymer clay jewellery bowl…

The downside of having been away from this space is that I have quite a back-log of projects that I haven’t shared, and a challenge I am really behind on, and it feels a bit like that’s all I’m blogging about at the minute. I do try and remember that random craft projects and jumping around is kind of what […]

nice try.

Like the toyroom, the boy’s bedroom can be a bit of disaster area. Despite having a perfectly adequate area to play, they love to drag their toys into their bedroom to play. And leave them there. They love to read a book before bed. Which falls to the floor, and gets left there. Drawers get emptied in search of the […]

industrial crafting.

For those who’ve been around here for a while, you will know we recently did a pretty major renovation/extension to our house. And while the space is lovely, and we really like the design and layout, I find myself increasingly frustrated. 12 months on, and we are still working through finding the ideal storage solutions for some areas, and tidying […]