spring dolls quilt

Oh man I am ever so late in blogging this! The lovely AJ organised a dolls quilt swap last year, with a random draw recipient after all quilts were received and and open theme of “spring” I pulled my inspiration from Pinterest, and using this pattern¬†(pinned here)¬†that I purchased as a starting point, I extended the outside and added in […]

to us a son is given {Christmas canvas swap}

One of my favourite things about belonging to online craft group is having swaps, and having a little piece of your friends nearby. For instance, as I sit here typing, immediately to my right is a mugrug Nic made me. I think of her every time I use it, which really, is pretty damn regularly. It’s a lovely way to […]


Oh man. This was super fun. It was Car’s birthday last month, and I knew early on I wanted to make a hashtag typography collage (inspired by these tshirts by Elise Blaha). We use A LOT of hashtags in our conversations, so prepping for this project involved going back through months of old chats – and man we can “talk”!! […]


It seems that I can be subtle as a sledgehammer at times. “Hey Kylie, do you have a kindle? I’m thinking of getting one…”, I asked, oh so innocently on Facebook. And she was kind enough to give me a lovely well thought out answer. Then a little message appeared in my inbox. “Hey, are you really thinking of a […]

creepy, much?

Number four on the camp gifty parade, a little needle felted monkey, for Kirsty.. Well, I’m calling it a monkey. It was supposed to be more sock monkey and less demon-possesed-creepy-critter. But Kirsty was very kind about him. I just hope she doesn’t show her small children… Today we’ve poked around, we made a fabric scrap wreath, and Bear is […]

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

And shake your butt, na na na na… C’mon, don’t tell me you weren’t doing a chair boogie just then. So, moving on in the Quilt Camp gifty parade, this gifty belongs to the delightful Miss Carrose. You may recall in my previous stamp carving post, I referred to a completed stamp? Well, it was the chicken you see below, […]

EQDQS2012 :: the reveal.

I have to say, this time, I’ve been quite impressed by Australia Post. I’ve been burnt BADLY by them in the past, but on Friday, I popped into my local, rural Northern NSW post office to entrust our national carrier of hard copy information with a little quilt that I’d been working on, and despite being told that even with […]