tutu cute

She spins around, hands above head, creating her own music “da da dum, da da dum” the little voice tinkles, until she twirls to a stop, one foot pointed to the side. At 16 months, she is too small for ballet lessons, but, inspired by a friend and my little dancer, we had our afternoon craft sorted. The boys slept […]

organisation central

The hours I spend sitting and feeding my tiny 11-day-old daughter are some of the most special. With two small boys playing at my feet, or bringing stories to read, or happily playing in the toy room, the hours pass in a haze of bonding and adoration. Who cuddles Butterfly next. Who picks the story. What game to play. The […]

digger tutorial.

A little boy once had an obsession with diggers. His mummy, an obsession with creating. One met the other, and the digger softie was born! After a couple of requests, I have typed up a basic outline of how I went from vague idea to finished softie. The pattern and process is all my own design, please do not reproduce […]

nappy pouch.

We are soon travelling, and with two small children, that means a large bag of nappies, clothes, toys, snacks, drinks,and assorted toddler paraphernalia that two small children seem to require. Frustration tends to be the order of the day come change time, as it means hauling large bag out, sifting through to find the nappies that have invariably drifted to […]

tap-tap-tap… the connected generation.

When pregnant with both the boys, I craved sweet things. It was nothing unusual for me to burn through a packet of smarties in a day. Yes. The family sized one. Seriously. I’m talking major addiction. This time, though, the thought of chocolate has made me want to run to the nearest bucket. My cravings have been much more towards […]


As I stand at the sink, bubbles swirling around my arms, I hear the rattle, clink, thunk of two small boys ferreting through the recycling box. A small box hits the floor, maybe the muesli bar box by the sound of it, nothing too substantial. Then comes the double plunk-ding of a soft drink bottle landing cap first on the […]

A public service announcement…

If you are making playdough with your toddler, and he starts listing out the ingredients needed as you leave the room to change the baby’s nappy, and then there is a long silence, be afriad, be very afraid.   A certain toddler, who shall remain nameles *cough*Bear*cough* got all excited at the idea of sticky, gooey, tactile playdough. “Bwoo, please […]

Sock it to me…

The sky was a deep grey, filled with the promise of a cosy inside day, warm drinks, crafty projects & snuggles on the lounge. With the requisite housework dealt with, the baby asleep, and the morning’s coffee disposed of, the toddler and I settled ourselves in the studio, and got messy with socks, buttons & glue.     These little […]

Super Saturday

What a great day. Lots of creative stuff. Lots of fun with my boys. Lots of smiles as I watched my boys with their daddy. Lots of lazy weekend happiness.   Naptime Friday, I did a little bit of tidying, with the intention of getting the whole studio spotless. Then I came across some fabric that the toddler picked last […]

Autumn blooms

There is a rare & delicate flower, I have found, that dares only bloom when it’s true beauty may be appreciated. When most others tremble at the though of a frost, and their petals wither & fall. When a small boy reach for glue, paper, scissors. And of course, the ever-handy egg carton!   So much fun we had to […]