Thomas goes on holiday

A large parcel is placed in front of an eager little boy. “Cri-mits present for me?” Bear pleads. We assure him that the gift is indeed for him, and within seconds, the floor is littered with Christmas paper, rapidly torn from the gift and discarded. His big brown eyes light up with pleasure, and he squeals with delight, “Look, mummy, it’s […]

Could it be anything else?

With the arrival of winter, we also welcome the sickness merry-go-round that is a given when one has children, and quite social children at that. Winter is generally a dreary season for us, marked not by the passing of weeks, but by the cycle of colds & chest infections. *sigh*   And being the second week of June already, we […]

Mummy Monday

What better way to front up to a new week than to hit the ground running? The housework was done early, stories had been read, hokey-pokey’s danced, and it was time to get busy! First up was some craft time. What else does one make with a train crazy toddler, but a train!   This little train was made from a […]