…travel planner…

It’s a pretty regular occurance around here, to pick up sticks come mid-year, and hit the road for a month in our camper trailer, in search of adventure, red dirt and warmth. This, of course, is a pretty decent excuse to get my craft on and make alllll the things, like quilts and bags and bags and bags (spoiler alert […]

On organisation, road trip style 

Next weekend, we will load our tribe of tiny people into the car, hitch up the camper trailer and point the car north, in pursuit of adventure and warmer climes. We will spend four weeks on the road, covering 8500km over 5 states. As you can imagine, there is more than a little bit of organisation and planning involved in […]

a little gift.

I was pondering my Wordless Wednesday post, when it struck me I hadn’t blogged this, aside from a brief mention in a Sunday Snippets. A surprise delivery from a dear friend, that left me wordless. Yes, I know, hard to do right? But she did it. And I love it SO much, it’s just so me. And best part is […]