…fiction friday…

She was four, the first time she saw him. Her mother laughed when she asked who the strange man with the box on his back was, waiting at Mr Johnson’s gate. But her mother couldn’t see anyone, and you know what children are like with their imagination, the conversation with daddy had gone. There was no laughter though, the next […]

Visual Dare 64 :: Awash

{image source} He hadn’t realised quite how long he’d been sitting there, twirling the bar mat, until a voice at his elbow pulled him from his thoughts. “You could nearly sail a boat in that.” Paul looked up, to see Rob holding two beers and nodding at the puddle that had formed on the table in front of him, condensation […]

VisDare 44 :: Parallel

{photo source}   She winked at herself in the mirror, pleased with her attempts at styling her hair for tonight’s party. Her smile faltered just a little as her reflected self winked back, a split second later than expected. There is was again, the feeling something wasn’t right, that the self in the mirror wasn’t an exact reflection. Uneasy, she […]

VisDare 42 :: outnumbered

{image source} The lights dimmed, the curtains parted. From somewhere in the back of the hall, a spotlight carved a beam through the murky semi dark, and lit up the costumed performers on the stage. Paul’s breath caught. With her back to him, and everyone else, stood Lauren, stunning in a flowing white gown, surrounded by black suited men. The […]