Write4Ten :: Anticipation

Four hours, three minutes. Not that long since he’d held her close, his arms tight around her as if he wished he never had to let her go. His voice, soft and low in her ear, whispering words of love and hope and the future. Of the magic of the past three days they’d share, suspended between realities, with their […]

write4ten :: share

To set the scene, we are currently three years post-breakup. Lauren has called Paul from Amsterdam, and left a message. Paul has worked up the courage to call her back. And a bit after that, we find ourselves here… ~~~ “It’s just, I don’t know, it all seems like a distant memory. But then I do something or hear something […]

write4ten :: FEAST

The kitchen smelt like Christmas. That was the only word Paul could think of to describe the wall of air that greeted him as he slipped in the side door, hoping to surprise his family. The heat, the turkey and vegetables in the oven, the hot pork under foil, waiting to be carved. Just as they had been doing for […]

write4ten :: deck

Friday’s write4ten prompt was “DECK”, and it worked perfectly to round out the scene started with my Menage Monday on Friday post. I know, I know, two writing posts in a row on a craft blog. I have a crafty post lined up ASAP, I promise! I have actually been crafting, yesterday the children were well enough not to need […]