Book to Art {round one}

Like many good ideas, it was one simple comment that got me hooked. A while back, a friend made a comment about a casual book to art project – we wold choose our own books, and our own project. The only criteria was we needed to have it done and posted by October 31. In the way my mind tends […]

pottering about

The last day of school holidays upon us, we decided some quality crafting time was in order. Putting Beetle down for a sleep, I pulled open the toyroom cupboards, and was faced a multitude of craft kits and projects that had been collected along the way that we had to do. Needing something reasonably quick to set up, that required […]

WIP Wednesday :: Queen Anne’s Lace

Back when we were waiting for Beetle Baby, my Monday morning routine included weekly appointments with my OB. I generally had 10 or 15 minutes of sitting around, and with the children either at home with my mum helping them get ready for school, or for later appointments, at work with daddy, it was the perfect time for sneaking in […]

disaster yarn.

I’ve been eyeing off a few different Etsy stores lately, selling gorgeous variegated yarns. But technically, I’m on a ban, which precludes “just because it’s pretty” yarn purchases, especially with the end of winter approaching. But, I thought to myself, I could have a go at the DIY version. So I hit Car’s blog, recalling she’d had a go at […]

{taking flight} something new

  Tunisian crochet has been on my list for a while now of “things to try” – I think it was Car who introduced me to it (oh come on, like THAT surprises anyone?), after we had a conversation about poor confuzzled husbands who weren’t quite sure what was crochet, what was knitting, and what the difference between the two […]