Autumn blooms

There is a rare & delicate flower, I have found, that dares only bloom when it’s true beauty may be appreciated. When most others tremble at the though of a frost, and their petals wither & fall. When a small boy reach for glue, paper, scissors. And of course, the ever-handy egg carton!



So much fun we had to do it all over again this morning



Love, love, love toddler craft. Messy, crazy, unpredictable. My little man is a child after my own heart, and loves cutting, gluing, painting. Creating. And being with Mummy. He loves to sit on my lap as I  sew, watch me cut fabric, draw when I draw, getting messy together. Though sometimes I wish his drawing requests would bo for something other than “Thomas please, Mummy, a real big one. In yellow. And maybe some green”, I love nothing more than exploring our creativity together.


I’m riding the “don’t think” train today, and feeling like I’ve accomplished a lot (not that it looks like it). With children mid-nap, I’m going to roll with the motivation, and after a spot of housework, I’m going to tidy this studio and CREATE. Sew, paint, scrapbook. I have a creative itch that needs scratching, so let’s do this!

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