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…build a burger…

…build a burger…

So last weekend, when I was busy sewing away on a secret squirrel project, I was thrilled to have Miss Butterfly perch herself up next to me, with a pile of felt and some scissors, and off to work she got.

For the most part, she happily worked away on her own, needing only my help for some problem solving to make her bun squishy, and to get her blanket stitch started. Aside from that, she had a lovely time pottering away and snipping and getting her hamburger exactly the way she wanted it.

Her plan now is to raid my floss box, so I’m told, to add some stitched details to the various pieces… if she can stop her dollies eating it long enough!

We are on school break this week, and we’ve spent the morning settling into holiday rhythm – including painting a new rhythm chart – to make sure we get to do lots of the stuff that we want to do. I’ve managed to finish a book and do my daily painting, along with boring jobs like folding two baskets of washing, which was as good an excuse as any to start a netflix series. I’m going to create a rhythm chart for myself as well, both for break and then when back at school – we have chosen to isolate at home, and I intend on making the most of it…imagine all the projects I can get do without the distraction of starting something new on a whim. In theory. We all know exactly how this is going to end. Let’s just play pretend for a little bit, shall we?

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