It came with a loaf of bread from the local bakery, back when the boys were first obsessed with Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Little Miss Butterfly found it yesterday, and is smitten with the “chipmonkey wif hooood. Gwasses. He he he, chipmonkey tail!”. It has been going everywhere with her. So in a fit of craftiness this morning, we pulled the sewing table to one side, raided the recycling basket for a couple of boxes, and got busy. Boy2 happily sat beside us chopping up catalogues and sticking them to paper while Butterfly and I built Simon Chipmonkey a new house. It still needs some work in the furniture department, but the miss is happy, so we’ll call it a win!

Today started well, and after our little building adventure, we headed off to the library for storytime, and a grumpy miss meant an early return and nap time. Boy2 went for a “rest” under the fan and was soon asleep as well, so that means some sneaky sewing time for mummy. I’m aiming to finish this second foundation, though the number of false starts I’ve had so far, I’m not all that confident it will happen. Foundations back to front, trimming the wrong fabric, running out of bobbins in awkward spots. Ugh. But I’m determined to beat it into submission. Maybe a coffee first though…

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