dig dig dig

Boy2 is dinosaur mad. He also loves diggers, and craft. So when “Can we do craft?” was answered with “sure, what should we make?”, he declared that “baby ‘wos-ah-wapter” (velociraptor) wanted a digger. Quite possibly, baby wos-ah-waptor is a wee big small to dig on his own, and with a long box that I’d had a backdrop delivered in, drooping on the back patio, we decided it was time to go big or go home. Last Christmas both boys got a “Makedo” upcycling kit, and they were the perfect way to join the two boxes together.


{please excuse the beer box, it was all we had that was big enough!}


the boy and his wos-ah-waptor had a lovely time digging up the tiles and making lots of noise together.


Today, we are half way through the Christmas party marathon. Two tired small people are tucked up in bed napping, and I think it’s time for a tired mama to take some time out too. A DVD is due back at the library next week and that’s a good enough excuse for me to curl up on the lounge with an iced coffee and do some doll making while it plays. The washing and folding will still be there tomorrow. Unfortunately.

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