As I stand at the sink, bubbles swirling around my arms, I hear the rattle, clink, thunk of two small boys ferreting through the recycling box. A small box hits the floor, maybe the muesli bar box by the sound of it, nothing too substantial. Then comes the double plunk-ding of a soft drink bottle landing cap first on the floor. It is soon joined by several more boxes, another bottle, and the deeper “clunk” of a glass jar. An excited yelp, and Master Three appears at my elbow. “We make someding mummy? Do craft wiv dis?” he asks, eyes wide as he triumphantly waves an egg carton in front of him. “Can we make a puppet show mummy?”

I dry my hands, and rummage through the craft box. Texta. Wool. Paddle pop sticks. Sticky tape. A little of this, a squiggle of that, and our puppets were ready for their debut performance.

Meet Jerry Caterpillar and Rebecca Rabbit. With the top of the Lego box gangpressed into service as a stage, our puppet show was ready to begin. “hello, I’m Jerry.” “hello, I’m Rebecca”. Ummm. Errr. Ahhh. And then, finally, inspiration. Rebecca needs to go to swimming lessons, but is a wee bit scared. And so on we went, until both Rebecca and Bear were jumping out of their skin excited for swimming. We’ll see if it works next week!

Today I awoke to another dreary grey sky. A cooler morning, that will be perfect for some outside play. Swinging. Sliding. Building tunnels in the sand. Maybe a book for mummy. And when the rain threatens, we’ve got a couple more canvases to paint. A change quilt to sew for a dear friend, welcomng their first little boy into the world. Trying my best not to get clucky. Failing miserably. Oh well. Hello Thursday, we’ve got big plans for you. Let’s do this!

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