With the sun shining, and two small boy full of energy, there really was no option today, other than to be outdoors. So when Bear asked for “painting, mummy, outside?”, we grabbed the paints, a couple of canvases and found outrselves a nice shady spot to sit and paint. Another two canvases down for our garland, a lesson on mixing colours, some stencilling with leaves, and a paint “fight” that ended with mummy with a blue nose, Bear with stripy arms, and Chubba Bubba with a fetch green war-paint-like cheek stripe.

And so ends another week. Only three weeks left until preschool & the usual term-time activities resume. Where does the time go? Lots to pack into the next three weeks, and hoepfully lots to blog about. A quilt or two. I’m itching to do some painting. Projects whirling through my mind, stirring the mojo & daring me to dream big. Maybe the weekend is a good to start to bring those dreams to reality & start living big too. Babies. Husbands. Craft room. It’ll all fit together somehow. Have a great weekend!

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