…hare raising…

…hare raising…

One of my favourite parts of Waldorf-inspired home education, is the beautiful handcrafts we get to make, and call it school. Most recently, Master 6 was working on a language arts block around fairy tales, and we decided what we needed to help us recount the story was a puppet.

For the Hare & The Tortoise, I grabbed some grey felt and sketched out a basic hare/rabbit shape, and cut it out of two layers. Beetle then learnt how to do french knots for the eyes, and I backstitched a nose outline for him to satin stitch over. The finishing touch was blanket stitch around the outside, which he managed to do most of, I just needed to do the couple of stitches around sharp corners for him. The base remained open to allow for Mr Hare to be a finger puppet.

It was such a success, that Beetle is now felt sewing obsessed, and his current project that he finished today is a cute little puppy dog, this time completely enclosed and stuffed. I’m also planning on spending my evening tonight cutting some easter egg shapes to embroider each morning during our circle time. It’s such a simple, easy way for the children to sew and create.

Today was our first school day after the end of daylight savings, and unbelievably, we were at the school table by 8am! It doesn’t happen very often so I’m going to enjoy the moment while it lasts. This afternoon was nice and free for our own projects – lots of bike rides and imaginary play for them, gardening and blogging and knitting for me. Some research on hot cross bun recipes after a successful bake up of choccie hot cross buns yesterday. My library book needs finishing. And to wrap up the afternoon, trimming down some newly laminated Cards Against Humanity family cards. We might even manage to get a game in tonight before bed. End of daylight savings and iso life? Lots of time for all the fun things we love most. Got to love that silver lining.

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