Investing in original artworks

My latest qet-rich-quick scheme is based on the early acquisition of original works by as-yet-undiscovered artists. I’m quite fond of my latest find. A surrealist abstract, its gorgeous shades of violet & green meld together in a soothing harmony, evoking a sense of a spring garden in full bloom. Tendrils of vines entangled with the first flush of delicate purple flowers, shyly poking their little heads out into the world, tentatively, as if scared of a sudden, late frost coming & bruising their fragile beauty.

Whilst I love this peice, I have a feeling it’s more of a sentimental, long-term acquisition. I think the artist still has a lot of refining to do in their technique before entering the Archibald, however, as early works go, its one of the best I’ve seen.


C’mon, don’t pretend you didn’t know where I was going with this story! This is a lovely little painting that Bear & I did the other day, and I’m informed it is a picture of Daddy on the swing. Hmm…


I learnt this painting technique at playgroup – it’s just food dye in water, with a cotton tip as a brush. Super easy, super cheap, and non-toxic! It can be a bit messy, but hey, what else does one expect with a two-year-old tornado!


~ ~ ~

For those with a vague interest, I am currently at 39+1weeks, so if I disappear for a bit, you know where I’ll be!

2 thoughts on “Investing in original artworks

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      This post had me giggling all through it! You have a gift for nonsense 😉 I like the artwork, too!

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      What a purty picture! And a fabulous idea too! I think I’ll try this activity at playgroup this week since it’s my turn to run the art class!

      If I don’t *speak* to you again – good luck for the birth of your beautiful baby! Can’t wait to hear!

      xx Averil

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