Jingle bells…

Maybe it’s genetic. Maybe just an artifact of my parenting. The age-old question – nature, or nurture? Either way, my boys have inherited my love of all that is crafty. Cutting, gluing, painting. Drawing. Sewing. Baking. Mess making. And I couldn’t be happier!

We attend a couple of playgroups on our rounds of the morning tea cicuit, and it just do happens that it is my turn for craft at both this week. We shall breezily skim over the fact that I awoke at 11pm the night before in a blind panic, suddenly realizing I had nothing prepared!

So. Craft. Christmas. Three-year-olds. Egg cartons… Sorted. We pottered our way through the morning, hanging washing, making beds, trailing behind mummy and pulling out the toys she’d just packed away. You know, the usual. Morning teas were packed, the pram loaded up, and off we set. A quick spot of hunting-and-gathering (who says that’s just for the men?) and my plans came together.

One egg-carton-segment met a craft bell and some curling ribbon, to become Jingle Bells! Perfect for hanging on the tree, or, it would seem, running around and ringing while chasing one’s friends/little brother/unsuspecting parent.



Today – preparations for playgroup number two. There may be some vegetables involved. Some photo-editing and backing up. Some pre-blogging. Cleaning, washing, folding. Cuddling a small boy post-immunisations. Maybe a photo for our Christmas card. Or maybe just the pre-design. What a week coming up! Let’s do this!

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