Just a gentle reminder…

…to myself.



Mondayitis hit me over the head yesterday, and the wheels came off my “don’t think, just do” campaign. But I’m back on the bandwagon today, and thanks to several strong cups of coffee, I’ve found my groove!

The current favourite toddler activity is painting. Anything & everything. So what better way to enjoy the warm sunshine on a lovely autumn day, then to lay a ripped sheet on the back lawn, break out the paint bottles and let  little feet go nuts?


I have no idea what I’m going to do with it now – maybe just save it for cubby house building?


Another fun project was potato stamps.


Being a ‘seat-of-my-pants’ project, I just squirted paint direct on the stamp and swirled it with my finger. I think next time, I will use tray of paint to make it easier/messier/funner (is that a word?) for Bear.


It would appear that my children have conspired to hatch an evil plan to prevent their poor tired mama from doing anything fun, and are refusing to nap at the same time. *sigh* The quilt will just have to take a back seat to trains and Bubba’s favourite game of “eat the mama – or drown her in drool trying”. Eh, just a different kind of fun this Tuesday has in store for me! Loving it!

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