Ker-plonk went the little green frog…

Or in this case, a beigey-browny somewhat frog-like creature!



We’ve been reading lots of books about frogs lately, which has evolved in many frog-like activities. After covering the loungeroom floor with a variety of cushion, erm, lilypads, and jumping around madly, mummy needed a breather to catch my breath. So out came the craft box, and with the aid of some scissors & sticky tape, a shoebox, four toilet rolls & the ubiquitous egg carton became the “almost-frog’ above. Which bought me just enough time to catch my breath before hitting the lilypads again. *ribbit*


Today is a soul-stirring day of sunshine & daydreams. The warmth of the sun fills the air with the promise of summer. A cup of tea in the sun, a book in my hand, and my delightful children playing beside me. A stolen moment in the studio. A reasonably clean house. A walk in the sunshine. The warmth is seeping into my soul, pulling at my heart & kicking starting my motivation. I feel some creating coming on. Let’s do this!

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