let’s go for a walk.

Since he was tiny, Bear’s constant companion has been his Pooh Bear. Sadly, Pooh Bear mk I disappeared, but Pooh Bear mk II is just as dearly loved. Throughout the last few years, many of our craft projects have revolved around making things for Pooh Bear. The one thing we haven’t yet mastered, is a pram for Pooh Bear. Last week, Bear had a day at home with us, and in the afternoon, he felt like doing some craft. Out came the multiple boxes and glues and cutters, and with the add of some Rolobox wheels and Makedo joiners, we created something that came the closest yet to a proper working pram.

Admittedly, it did need multiple running repairs, but Pooh Bear fit comfortably in it, the seat tipped back so he could lay down for a nap if he got sleepy, and the basket was big enough to be filled with random crap special collected items. And please tell me I’m not the only mama who judges a projects success based on how much the small people bicker over it? Based on that metric, I’m claim HUGE success, with Bear and Butterfly arguing over who’s turn it was, and Boy2 having a tantrum because Cookie Monster wants his own pram. Winning. I think?


{since this is the heights of creating around here, I’m linking up today for my creative spaces}

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