Nom nom nom

The house explodes with laughter and the clatter of shoes and bags as we arrive home from the preschool pick-up. The fruit platter soon demolished, they are hovering around my legs once more. “We want to do craft, mummy”, Bear announces. “We do crast, mama”, Bubba Boy, his big brother’s eternal shadow, echoes. By 4.30, both my creativity and patience are running low. Never mind Butterfly starts her I-only-want-mummy-cuddles-whingathon around then. What on earth can I get them to do that won’t take long, or create much mess?

My mind harks back to a cute idea from Pinterest. A blank piece of card. A couple of tubes of paint. Out fingers. And we are in business.

Three very hungry caterpillars. From the top, Bear’s, mine, Bubba Boy’s. Super quick. Super easy. And super fun!

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