Oh Christmas Tree

Take a toilet roll. Some crepe paper. A couple of bells and pompoms. Add some craft glue and a hyperactive toddler. Mix well, and bake at 37C/85% humidity.

Ok, so maybe the craft glue wasn’t my smartest idea ever. And I may have spent more time ensuring Chubba Bubba’s hands stayed *out* of the craft glue than I did using said glue to “make a Chrimits tree, pweese, mummy?”, but it was fun anyway. And surprisingly not too messy.

Yesterday involved a ninja raid on the $2 shop for more mini canvases. And they’d sold out of the 4″ versions. Of course. So I grabbed a four pack of 6″ ones. And a two pack of something else smallish. And a 4×8″ for me. Then a brainwave hit. What if I made bunting, and replaced some flags with toddler canvases? Maybe vintage opshop fabrics. We taking this little project and making it awesome.

Today, I really need to get my “Chrimits” cards written. I need to start shopping at some point too. I have one gift. Total. Maybe tomorrow when I’m child-free. I’ve got a pile of washing to fold. A painting I’m itching to start, that has been swirling round my mind for weeks. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to give the studio a tickle up. Friday. Last day of work. D-day. Please be kind, Friday. Let’s do this!

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