Oh Hai Wednesday…

Monday was sucky. Yesterday was marginally better. And today, well, I’m going to rock this Wednesday!


Poor Bear came home from preschool on Monday feeling a tad under the weather. And our darling first born, our cherished son, he struggles, poor chap. What may look like a cold to an outsider, is really a desperately terminal case of man-flu, bless him. He’s dying, dontchya know? I love him to bits, but by golly, he’s a drama queen!


So Monday was pretty much him on my lap. Yesterday was a Thomas marathon, interspersed with a brief Nemo interlude, and just before lunch, that cheeky little smile appeared, so we dragged out the craft box, to give the tv a break. When doing toddler craft, I tend to take inspiration from our day. So yesterday, we read a particular favourite, “Where is the Green Sheep?”, so, rummaging deep in the box, I went in search of some toilet rolls for a body. Sir Murphy came to visit though, and of course, from an abunance of rolls, we were down to NIL! Never mind, into box 2, and a shoebox lid made an ideal substrate for a green sheep in profile…



Today, it’s all about catch ups. Housework. Filing. Photo organisation. Phone calls. Chaseys. Books, craft, trains. If the weather holds, maybe an excursion outside for some fresh air & a swing. Maybe a sandpit stop. I may just drag out my scrapping supplies and punh out a couple of pages. I want to play with my camera & see if I can get some equipment working again. And I have an idea for some photos of small boys. It’s Wednesday, it’s hump day, and we are loving it! Let’s do this!

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